Commitment to the Planet

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With our commitment for our guests to have the most aMAZEing and Funtastic time when they visit us, we have also maintained a strong commitment to our own sustainability and to the incredible planet we live on! In supporting the future, we recognise our corporate responsibility is to make a positive difference by our actions and then go on to influence others. So, we recently added another dimension to our already great sustainable achievements and signed up with ‘Reforest’. Reforest is a platform that engages in real time climate action by helping calculate carbon footprints, plant trees in local projects and then help involve our guests into the program as well.

With our end game being carbon neutral, in the middle of June we helped launch the Sunshine Coast Reforest program here at Amaze World. After calculating our carbon footprint, and that of our guests, we have offset over a ton of emissions through the planting of trees in the program. These trees have been planted in two sites in the local area, Corbould Park in the Caloundra West, and traditional lands of the Kabi Kabi First Nations People, which are also recognised as a UNESCO site.

Our guests also become part of our offset program with a portion of each admission fee going into the program. To have a look at our positive impact and the positive impact we are making on your behalf use the QR code below, enter the amount of tickets you purchased and personally claim your share of trees purchased on your behalf.

Thanks for helping us drive change and becoming part of the solution, while you have an aMAZEing time making memories!

(Win New Reforest Launch 20th June 2023)

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