Bellingham Hedge Maze

Have you got what it takes to find your way through a twisting, turning, living labyrinth of Lilly Pillys?

Pitch your skills against Mazey, the forest trickster who calls this pristine hedge his home, to see if you can navigate your way to the central viewing deck and out again.

Mazey loves guests but he’s got a wicked sense of humour so he’s left riddles, puzzles and missing items to test your knowledge and distract you from your mission. His sidekick Buzz won’t be far away watching the fun as you wander through the hedges that cover an awesome acre and a half.

Mazey 2
Buzz 1

Then when you’re ready for an experience that’s out of this world get ready to step through the augmented reality portal into Mazey’s world of wonder. His mystical friends are having a few problems though and need your help to restore their powers or find precious objects before Buzz activates your bonuses to bring you back to the real world. Are you up for it?